​​​Preserve the Celebrity in you 


​We offer  premium stem cell cryo-preservation opportunity to our eligible and esteemed members, through a very exclusive Celebrity Life Club Membership. We have several elite members of the society globally who have preserved  their stem cells for covering future health risks and ensuring long healthy productive years for their future.

A Premium Family Bio-Insurance


Preserving your own adult stem cells, and your baby's cord stem cells, are the best ways to insure your family's future wellbeing and healthy graceful aging. We use pioneering cryo-preservation technologies for banking your stem cells. Your own Peripheral blood and Adipose or fat tissue are rich sources of stem cells, which can be used to cure no-option medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, infertility and sports injuries etc.

DiponEd BioIntelligence, welcomes you to the world's first, oldest and most premium private family stem cell banking facility! We offer an unique future health security option,  for treatment of more than 100 difficult to treat diseases, disorders, hematological  and age related disorders. You can now preserve your own fat tissue based stem cells, and umbilical cord blood stem cells for your baby! 


​​Celebrity Life